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Your advantage is your people. They are the ones who will convert consumer touch points into unflinching loyalty and trials into repeat purchases. Train people to develop these relationships. Indian consumers want advice and to be served well. But once they come in, find a way to follow them back home through the smartphone Brazilian banks buy bitcoins with a card their pocket.

Fighting online is not just about getting an order through your mobile Brazilian banks buy bitcoins with a card. Your strengths are your presence, your trained employees, repair and warranty policies, ability to buy-back, call people for previews and launches, answer calls with information, showcase a brand, drive people with intent into a store-and then close the transaction there.

All of these needs must run off one technology backbone. An integrated cross-channel approach exchange rates in krichev for today redefine your customer engagement and loyalty. Every brand wants to get closer to its customer. And you have the customer right where everyone wants them, in your store, in front of your salesman.

Find a way to service them at home, from the nearest outlet or the nearest depot. Give people comfort an online firm cannot. I had a broken iPhone one evening and landed up at the Croma store next door at 8. The chap at the Apple counter sold me a new phone and made sure everything worked. I did pay more than I would have paid online. But I found the Brazilian banks buy bitcoins with a card comforting.

Once you serve customers in an emergency, they will prefer you above all else. I thought it madness. Latest collections from sought-after brands being sold online at huge discounts. The fear of missing out drove these crazy decisions.

Brands are realizing that the legacy they carefully built over years is getting lost in the clutter of an online marketplace. Brands will realize that dollar exchange rate for today in Volkovysk be successful online, they will have to invest in creating deeper and better experiences offline. That is why they unobtanium uno coordinating efforts with mall owners to get people back into malls.

They are holding off their latest collections from online and finding how to get bitcoin to invite people to their store. Couponing, a business that skipped a generation in India, is now big online. The bigger opportunity is to use couponing to get customers into offline stores.

Geo-enabled, event and context-based couponing can alter consumer behaviour and become huge drivers of offline discovery.

You will be able to find customers who have come to watch a movie at the PVR in the mall next door, and you will be able to target them and drive them into your store.

Be ready to adapt to this new marketing paradigm and create clever meaningful offers. Brazilian banks buy bitcoins with a card can leapfrog technology. You can make a customer experience a product through a virtual reality room in your store. Most Brazilian banks buy bitcoins with a card need help in setting up devices and home appliances. You can shoot videos with technicians on common issues. If you bundle your offerings with an element of service, how can any online retailer compete.

This means the market is underserved. Sharp retailers will see this as an opportunity to craft their propositions and stay away from e-commerce-led commoditization. I have been brutal here only because the media seems to celebrate big rounds of funding and has written obits for offline firms.

But there is much pure-play online retailers can learn from their offline counterparts. They need to find a way to replicate experiences, view consumers as people, not page views and find ways to create paths for people based on their preferences. And this may sound heretical. Hypothetically, Flipkart acquiring Shoppers Stop may be a vastly superior decision than doing more of those Brazilian banks buy bitcoins with a card Order Days.

That could be the moat you need to build against Amazon, because before you can say IPO, Amazon will come back with a Zillion Orders Day. Note: If you look at the profit and loss statements of most offline retailers, you will write them off in this battle. The reality is that several are badly run operations, and have hurt themselves more than online has hurt them. Lack of investment in manpower, in innovation and in binance trade history is what has brought them here.

Haresh Chawla was founding chief executive of Network18. He is now partner at India Value Fund, and mentors several start-ups. Come offlineIt's too early to write offline retailers off. But the winners in this battle will be those who integrate online and offline experiences for their consumers googletag. Allow me to illustrate that with some loose math.



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