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Many jobs are moving completely online. And many professionals are looking for more ways to gou their knowledge and make money.

If you run where you can pay with bitcoins consultancy online, Premium Chat is a way to earn money czn chatting with your clients or fans. The first step is to register an account. This is to ensure the utmost safety of your account. After you log in, the first step is to add a widget to verify your account.

Here, you can pick a colour for your widget. After that, you can enter the topic bitxoins your chats and description. After this, you can select the maximum chat length. Since the option to extend chat has been switched on, your chats can go beyond 30 minutes the level of profitability is an extra cost to your client.

Another option here is to show your chats in a carousel. This is beneficial if you where you can pay with bitcoins to chat about different topics with your clients. You can add where you can pay with bitcoins how to buy btc URL to your social media pages or copy the script into your website.

If your website is wehre WordPress, you can easily add the plugin to your theme. You can where you can pay with bitcoins more widgets to your account as wit see fit. On the right side of the widget, there are icons to preview, copy, or delete a widget. Premium Chat bjtcoins you to chat based on your schedule. This means you can wit your status to online or offline. And even better, you have the ability to set your schedule.

You have enough options to set your own time. Evidently, wyere can make a signatum exchanges to chat bitfoins times when you have where you can pay with bitcoins other engagements.

If you want to have some days off, this option is available too. On your public profile, your clients can find details such as your profile URL, description, social media accounts, and website.

Whatever detail you want your clients to see, you can add it to your public profile. Additionally, you have a private profile where you have your email address and phone number. It might be inconvenient to be on your Premium Chat constantly. Premium Chat will send notifications to your email address or phone number. The bitocins sign means you will receive notifications through those media. When you receive a chat where you can pay with bitcoins, you can either accept, reject, or ignore the request.

Added to wheer, Where you can pay with bitcoins Chat keeps a record of your chats. As a consultant, this is great as you can keep track of your sessions.

This also helps you to track previous conversations with a client effectively. To make it even more convenient, Premium Chat can send these chat transcripts to your email address. Here, you can see the status of all your calls including the number of billable minutes and your net profit. You can select different durations if you want to get details for a particular period. Another option available to you is to get reports for different actions you take for your chat requests. Apart from your chats, Premium Chat also allows you to make money through referrals.

To even make the deal better, Premium Chat will pay you 2. This way, you can continue to make automatic revenue on two levels forever. You can also see the increase in your customer base.



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